Sigsbee Charter School Cell Phone/Electronic Device Policy

BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology)

The use of cell phones and other electronic devices are common means of communicating between parent and child. However, student use of these devices on SCS premises are standardized to protect students, staff, and the SCS learning environment. In order to use personal electronic devices, students must have a signed Acceptable Use Policy for Networked Communications on file and be on the district network. The only devices allowed in school must be running on an operating system supported by MCSD.

Students may not use their cell phones and/or electronic devices during school hours. If a student chooses to bring these devices to SCS, they must be powered off and not visible. If cell phones, headphones, or other electronic devices ring, vibrate, or are used outside of class during school hours, students may be asked to surrender them.

Teachers may permit use of cell phones or other electronic devices for academic activities related to curriculum and will notify students when this type of use is authorized. When being used in school, devices must be in airplane mode. Students have no expectation of confidentiality with respect to their use of devices on SCS premises.

Students bringing cellular telephones or electronic devices to school do so at their own risk. Sigsbee Charter School will not assume any liability for any lost, stolen or damaged cellular telephone and/or any other electronic devices in a student’s possession. No teacher will ask or allow a personal electronic device to be loaned to or given to another student during class. No phone or electronic device will be held by a staff member for a student while on campus, it must be held by the owner, locked in a personal locker or the device will be placed in a central location in each classroom (parking space). If a device is confiscated by a staff member, the device will be held in the office until a parent or guardian picks it up. Devices are subject to inspection of call logs and media at the discretion of the Principal, School Resource Officer (SRO),or designee, in order to verify improper use.

The optimum way for parents to contact their child during the school day is by calling

the school office.

If a device is brought to school and carried by the student (worn or in a pocket, backpack, or bag), the device will be placed in the parking space upon entering. The device will be turned off or in airplane mode and will be collected by each individual at the end of the period. Any device left behind will be turned into the office for safe keeping.

When electronic devices are on campus, students may not do the following during the school day:

● Answer an incoming SMS (text) message, email, or phone call

● Be on any social media site (Facebook, Twitter, etc...)

● Access or play any game or access any entertainment site on their device

● Access or use any application (app) on their device unless expressly instructed to by the instructor

● Take any picture or video that the instructor has not expressly asked you to take or without the permission of the subject.

● Upload any picture or video taken in any class to any social media site or website

● SMS (text) message or email any picture or video taken in class to any person, including themselves without permission.

● Access any type of mobile web browsing for any reason unless directed by the instructor

● Have access to printers, copiers, or servers. Personal Electronic devices may have wireless internet access after logging into the MCSD network.

● Have technical support or the ability to charge personally owned devices

● Take any picture, video or text of any class assignments or assessments without permission

Voice Assistant Devices

Voice assistant devices such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc. are prohibited in

the classroom or school setting. These devices are designed for home use and introduce unnecessary risks into the classroom. These devices may allow third parties to remotely listen via the device, may record conversations, and raise concerns regarding privacy and confidentiality.

Devices, Games From Home

Toys, games, playing cards, electronic devices and other non-academic items or games are only allowed with specific permission from a staff member (for example, clubs or special events). All usage of these items should be educationally focused and directed by a staff member. Any items found without permission will be confiscated and made available to parents for direct pick up. Items not picked up within five (5) school days may be discarded. The Organization shall not be held liable for any lost or stolen items confiscated by the School.

Due to the evolving nature of emerging technologies, additional rules and regulations may be added throughout the school year.