SCS prides itself on the quality of our instruction and the care we provide our students. All members of the SCS community should contribute to a respectful and inclusive environment. Staff, student, or parent/guardians can raise concerns about any issues that affect a student's well-being and/or academic performance and work together to resolve them. In rare cases where the issue cannot be resolved informally, an official registered complaint can be registered by a parent with the Principal.

Although no member of the school community shall be denied the right to petition the Governing Board for a redress of a grievance, the complaints will be referred through the proper administrative channels for a solution before investigation or action by the Governing Board. Exceptions are complaints that concern Governing Board's actions or operations.

The Board advises the School community that the proper channeling of complaints involving instruction, discipline, or learning materials is as follows:

  1. Teachers

  2. Principal (contact Mrs. Jannes @

  3. Parent Liaison to the Board (contact Lisa Morris @

  4. Governing Board (contact Jim Scholl @

Any complaint about school personnel will be investigated by the Administration before consideration and action by the Board of Directors.

Stages for Resolution

Informal Resolution

If there is concern about a student’s progress, the teacher should be contacted. The instructional staff at SCS are expected to assist parents and students with concerns regarding student success. If an immediate resolution is not determined, Lead teachers or other specialists may be consulted. If a solution is still not satisfactorily resolved, the Principal will work with the school staff to ensure that each student succeeds to the best of their ability. Students and parents are welcome to contact the Principal directly should their concerns not be addressed in a timely manner.

If the situation is not resolved once the family meets with the Instructional staff, it may be escalated to School leadership in the order described above.

Formal Resolution with Official Complaint:

If the complaint has not been informally resolved, parents may make a formal written complaint to the Principal's office. The Principal, or their designee, will conduct any investigation necessary into the reported concern, including interviewing the complainant and the subject of concern as needed. The Principal will make every effort to satisfactorily resolve the complaint in a reasonable time period.

If the person registering a complaint has suggestions to resolve the issue of concern, their advice is encouraged.

Once all relevant and discoverable facts are considered, a decision and action to resolve the complaint, including reasons for the decision, will be provided in writing to the parent/guardian regarding the findings and the School’s decision.

Appeal to the Board:

If a successful resolution still has not been made by a formal investigation by the Principal, concerned parties may petition the Governing Board for appeal. A written appeal request may be made to the Governing Board’s assigned parent liaison within five (5) days after the Principal’s letter of non-resolution is received. The item will be forwarded to the Governing Board Chairperson to be added to the agenda of the next regularly scheduled board meeting. If the item is urgent, the Chairperson has the ability to call an emergency meeting of the Board.

Conduct and Records

All concerns and complaints raised will be treated seriously, and confidentiality will be established and maintained wherever possible in accordance with relevant state and federal laws.

Written records will be maintained by the Principal and must include the dates of every resolution step and dates of resolution. Correspondence, Statements, and records will be kept confidential except where any other legal obligation prevails.