Contract of Commitment

Family Contract of Commitment 

PHILOSOPHY Sigsbee Charter School is a public school of choice founded on the hard-work and extraordinary commitment of the community. SCS established itself early on as a neighborhood school sustained by dedicated volunteers and a tenacious commitment to educational excellence. At the heart of this effort is the school family, consisting of parents, staff, children, military volunteers and community supporters. These stakeholders unite together to create a supportive, enriching and caring environment for children. As such, the SCS staff acknowledges that families are an integral part of their child’s life education. 

TERMS: Parents/guardians of students at SCS, agree to the following terms: 

Attendance at all scheduled parent conferences each year; 

Timely and regular attendance in class; 

Acceptance and adherence to all rules and regulations set by the Board of Directors; 

Involvement in children’s school life, including monitoring of assignments and completion of home assignments; 

Attendance at academic events; 

Payment of all fees and bills in a timely fashion; 

Communication with staff and faculty in a timely fashion; 

Adherence to our Code of Conduct; 

Commitment of 10 hours of volunteer service, per school year, per family. 

Note: Failure to comply with any policies may lead to dismissal from Sigsbee Charter School.

There are multiple opportunities to fulfill these service requirements. It is helpful to spread these opportunities across the calendar year. We recognize that many families may not be able to fulfill hours during the school day so please contact your child’s teacher about tasks you can do at home or on the weekends. In accordance with Florida Statutes, volunteer hours may not be purchased. 

It is the family’s responsibility to ensure that the Contract of Commitment is completed by the end of the academic year. For volunteer opportunities, please consult the Scoop. You can plan ahead by checking out our scheduled event dates on our blog. 

Volunteer Hours SCS staff tracks volunteer hours throughout the year. Please check the procedures for how to sign-in and account for your hours appropriately. You may check on your volunteer hours through Focus. In addition, your student’s teacher and/or the office staff will send out emails updating the completed hours periodically throughout the year. 

Breach of Contract  Failure to fulfill one’s responsibilities under this contract is sufficient grounds for denial of admission to the school the following year for the children of that family. Families who do not uphold their Contract of Commitment jeopardize the school’s overall performance. These families will be notified in writing and the students who are a part of that family will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list for the upcoming school year. For this reason, it is imperative that all staff carefully record completion of volunteer hours.