All fundraising activities must have prior approval from the Principal, and in some cases, the SCS Board of Directors. For a full explanation of fundraising Board’s fundraising policies, visit the Board website.

Fundraising is a great way to support the students and staff at Sigsbee Charter School. Fundraising takes many different forms throughout the year and enables the school to provide exceptional activities and extracurricular programs for students. Funds are also used for needed resources.

All requests for school and group fundraising must be first approved through the Principal

  • Fundraising efforts should tasteful and carefully planned. The requestor should identify the committee chairperson, volunteers, and the recipients of the funds. A targeted amount should be named as well as how the funds will be expended.

  • The administration and school board, may review, revisit, and/or amend, the fundraising requests and approved fundraising efforts at any time to ensure that everything is transparent, legal, and fair.

Fundraising for a group of students or the entire school

We welcome fundraising efforts from individuals, groups and businesses. However, if funds are being raised in the name of Sigsbee Charter School, the organizers must first contact the school principal for approval. We do not want to burden our community with repeated events and/or requests.