What is Wednesday Enrichment?

Wednesday afternoons are a special time at Sigsbee Charter Elementary School. The teachers become learners and our campus is turned into a mecca of cultural arts. Dismissal occurs at 12:00 every Wednesday for students in kindergarten-fifth grade (2:00 PM for Middle School). Elementary children have the option of spending the afternoon with a parent or enrolling in some of our extraordinary enrichment classes. Our classes are offered for a nominal fee (usually $50-$75/ten weeks) that pays for our visiting instructors and materials. Any additional funds are used for scholarships and to purchase materials needed for our school programs. Wednesday programs usually include classes such as: art studio, cheerleading, intramurals, performing arts, sailing, science, Spanish, soccer, tennis, and Study Buddies.

During enrichment, the classroom teachers are involved in professional development with the principal and collaborate with their team members. They study the craft of teaching while working together to create new educational programs or refine current practice. They model for students that learning is a lifelong endeavor. Meetings include professional book study, webinars, curriculum mapping, curriculum articulation and learning from consultants. The focus is always on the children.

Continued participation in enrichment requires stellar behavior. We are fortunate to have highly qualified visiting instructors running our programs and want to maintain our Sigsbee Pride. Students who do not behave appropriately, will be asked to forego enrichment and the remainder of their fee will be returned.

Enrichment classes may be paid for using our PayPal link on this website. Registration takes place the week before each session begins. Families will be notified via email once classes are available.

All student accounts must be settled before a child may be registered for enrichment.