Visitor/Volunteer Policy



VISITORS The staff and students value our limited time together, where uninterrupted instruction is a priority. In order to protect our students’ privacy and maximize our learning time, we do not allow visitors in the classroom. Classroom teachers will invite parents and other supporters to events designated for visits. We welcome our families and friends during these times.

Only authorized clinicians are permitted to observe our classrooms. These visits must be pre-approved by the principal. Please adhere to the following guidelines to protect the safety and dignity of our students:

1. We only permit visitors in the classroom who have made arrangements with the office and the teacher in advance of their arrival.

2. Student observations may only be made by clinicians authorized by the principal. Parents/guardians or prospective families may not observe classrooms.

3. Please sign in at the main office and wear your visitor’s badge in a visible place. Please sign out when you leave.

4. You are only permitted in the area assigned. Please refrain from walking around campus unescorted.

5. Please do not take any photos or videos on campus. Electronic devices should be silenced and put away.

6. There should be no interactions with the children or teacher unless authorized in advance.

7. We work hard to protect privacy and to respect the dignity of all students. Please refrain from using any student names in your notes or reports. Do not discuss other students with anyone.

8. Our instructional time is valuable. Please do not interrupt instruction or the regular flow of the classroom.

9. Cell phone use is not permitted in the classrooms.

10. Please make sure you are adhering to the rules for accessing the Navy base and driving while on base. The main office can share these rules with you.

11. Sigsbee Charter School is not responsible for incurring any charges from visits requested by a parent or other clinician.


All individuals who are not employed by SCS must enter through the main office. Should anyone wish to go beyond the main office, their identification must be scanned through the Raptor system which will print a badge to wear, identifying that the volunteer has properly checked in the office with proper protocols followed. Staff members monitor the halls to ensure that all visitors have properly checked into the office. Any individual who does not have an appropriate name badge will be walked back to the office to ensure they are signed in properly.

Background Check Concern

If, during the office check-in, an individual is identified as having a background as a sexual predator as defined by Florida Statutes, the Principal will immediately be notified by the system. The person running the check will notify the Principal and School Resource Officer (SRO). The following guidelines are applicable in the event a background check returns that the person is a sexual predator:

  • If the person trying to gain entry has a relative who is a student attending the School, and there are no outstanding court orders barring that person from having contact with the child, the person may enter the School only with a staff member escort. The individual may not be left alone with any student on school property.

  • If the person trying to gain entry has a relative who is a student attending the School, and there are restrictions on the visitation, the appropriate action will be taken as identified by the court documents. In most situations, the SRO will handle this situation.

  • If the person trying to gain entry does not have any relatives attending this school, they will not be permitted access to the building, and the SRO will be notified.

  • If the person trying to gain access is a volunteer, the person will not be granted entry until after their information has been entered into the school district’s volunteer background check system, and a clearance is given from the appropriate district offices.


If an adult plans to volunteer with students (such as field trip chaperones, student tutoring, etc.) the individual must complete a volunteer registration form. If the adult will be responsible for student supervision (such as running an after-school club, chaperoning an overnight trip, or coaching a team), the parent must go through a Level 2 background check, the cost of which the adult is responsible for.

The school district conducts the background check to ensure the individual is clear of anything in their past which would prevent them from working with children. The adult may not volunteer until the background check is received and approved in writing by the Principal.

Thank you.