Technology Device Agreement

1. We understand that students in grades K-1 are receiving an iPad and students in grades 2-8 are receiving a Chromebook (“Chromebook”) that is primarily to be used for academic and educational purposes at Sigsbee Charter School. 

2. We agree to assume responsibility for the device.  If the device is damaged, the deductible for damage caused will be $25.00. 

3. We understand and agree that the device is subject to inspection by the School at any time without notice. 

4. If there are any problems with the device, we will notify Tech Central immediately. 

5. We agree to follow the policies and guidelines outlined in the Sigsbee Charter School 1:1 Instructional Technology Initiative. These include, but are not limited to the following: 

● taking full responsibility for the device while in my possession.

● ensuring the device is charged for the next school day. 

● never leaving the device unattended. 

● never loaning out the device to other individuals. 

● knowing where the device is at all times. 

● keeping food and beverages away from the device. 

● not disassembling any part of the device or attempting any repairs. 

● protecting the device by storing it and transporting it securely and safely. 

● using the device in ways that are appropriate, meet Sigsbee Charter School’s expectations and are educational. 

● refraining from downloading or installing apps, extensions, and themes other than those approved by Sigsbee Charter School. 

● not placing inappropriate or impermissible decorations (such as stickers, markers, etc.) on the device. 

● not disabling, tampering with, altering or otherwise rendering non-functional any software or apps installed on the device, including but not limited to any firewalls or other protective devices. 

● accessing the internet at school only through the District’s wifi network and not using other servers or internet access capabilities. 

● being personally responsible for all damage or loss caused by abuse. 

We understand and agree to the stipulations outlined in this Agreement, the Sigsbee Charter School 1:1 Instructional Technology Initiative, and all District policies as delineated in the Acceptable Use Policy.  

Students who consistently damage devices may be ineligible to use school-issued devices.