Extracurricular Activities and Field Trips

Extra-Curricular Activities and Field Trips

Attendance Required for Extracurricular Participation

Students participating in any school sponsored event must have attended school (not including in-school suspension) the day of the event, otherwise they will be disallowed from participating in the extracurricular event. Additionally, students who are considered truant based on this policy manual may be disallowed from participating in any extracurricular activities sponsored by the School.

SCS activities, clubs and events are designated for current SCS students only. Attendance is limited to those students who are currently enrolled at SCS and who are following the rules of conduct set forth by SCS. Activities may be held separately for different age levels. Any modifications to the Dress Code for these events will be made clear by the staff in advance.

Required Behavior

Participation in interscholastic, extracurricular activities and field trips is a privilege and not a right. Participation may be withheld from any student as a condition of discipline. Students and chaperones serve as representatives of our school any time they travel together in school-sponsored events. Anyone who jeopardizes the positive image of the school will not be allowed to participate in these special activities.

Students’ behavior in class and during special events will determine future participation. Students may be removed from a field trip or extracurricular activity based on poor behavior at any point, including the day of the trip or activity. If a child misbehaves during the trip or activity, a parent will be called to pick up the child from the event.

Furthermore, all policies that apply to the regular school day apply also to during extra-curricular and field trip activities. Coaches, teachers, and sponsors may establish policies for their groups, however, any and all disciplinary action resulting from conduct at an extracurricular activity rests solely with the School.


SCS supports the use of clubs to allow students to gain extracurricular experience at school. When clubs are available, they will be advertised amongst the students and parents/legal guardians. All students participating in a School-sponsored club are required to have satisfactory academic standing, have no behavioral concerns, and meet the expectation of the club. Clubs must be sponsored and supervised by a school staff member. 

Off Campus Events

All trips shall be subject to prudent safety precautions and conducted according to the rules established by the School. Every effort will be made to schedule off campus events without interrupting other school functions.


All trips off school property are approved by the Principal at least two weeks prior to the event occurring. Field trips must have an educational purpose to be approved. All trips are conducted under the supervision of a designated School employee, and additional chaperones may be necessary depending upon the activity. 

Parents/guardians must provide permission for their children to attend the activity at least 24 hours before the trip is scheduled to occur. The request for approval will be sent through a Google form and will include all locations the students will visit while on the trip, the details of transportation, and any other logistical issues the Principal requests. Students will follow the specific itinerary provided to the administration on the field trip request.

Behavioral Exclusion

 If a student has demonstrated an inability to control their behavior in School:

Financial Limitations

Students will not be excluded from a field trip or extracurricular activity based on the inability to pay the accompanying fee. If a family is unable to pay the accompanying fee, the student’s parent or legal guardian must contact the Principal (or designee) prior to the date the field trip permission slip is due back to school to make alternative arrangements. Alternative arrangements will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Student Supervision

While attending off-campus events, students will be closely monitored and supervised. Each student shall be directly assigned to a staff person or chaperone for the duration of the trip.


Chaperones for field trips must follow the volunteer guidelines. Chaperones must be registered with the School before attending the field trip. All chaperones will be provided with a detailed list of the students they are responsible for, and emergency contact information to reach the School employee in charge.

Level 2 Clearance may be required for chaperones.  Obtaining Level 2 Clearance is at the chaperone's expense.