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Our Mission

Through innovative approaches, Sigsbee Charter School inspires critical thinking and promotes empathy, focusing on the unique needs of the military child. 


Sigsbee Charter School in Key West, Florida, is a non-profit organization committed to establishing itself as an innovative, engaging K-8 school that captivates students' interest through a marine studies, environmental focus. Capitalizing on our beautiful, aquatic surroundings and 11 acres of green space, Sigsbee offers hands-on integrated learning experiences that teach students to be thoughtful stewards of the environment.

Sigsbee Charter School opened in the summer of 2010. It is located in the legacy Sigsbee Elementary School facility, in the heart of Naval Air Station Key West's Sigsbee Park Annex. Sigsbee is now a thriving K-8 elementary and middle school.

The Sigsbee staff, in partnership with the military and the Key West community, supports all students through a curriculum focused on nationally recognized standards, best practices and differentiated learning that enriches and challenges all learners. Students' learning experiences will revolve around exciting environmental field trips, hands-on learning activities and an immersion in the natural environment. Catch the wave!

At Sigsbee, we aim to inspire and empower students to become lifelong learners who meet high academic standards and demonstrate responsible citizenship. Enhanced by an environmental and marine education program, all students capitalize on our unique aquatic surroundings while acquiring a level of empathy that encourages them to be assets to their community and stewards of their environment.