Gate Access and Base Passes

One of the unique characteristics of Sigsbee Charter School is that it is a public charter school that sits on city property, originally owned by the Navy, and given to the City of Key West for the express purpose of having a neighborhood school located on base. As such, SCS benefits from the Navy’s commitment to providing a safe and secure environment for our school family. NASKW has been very accommodating in making sure that Sigsbee Charter School is accessible to those students and community members who should have access to the school.

Non-military affiliated families are only granted access to the school during school hours and with the proper identification.

Please adhere to the following procedures so that we can be good neighbors.

If your gate access is for the explicit purpose of coming to Sigsbee Charter School...


1. Be sure you always have your license, insurance, and registration in your vehicle as well as your SCS pass.

2. Have your license and pass ready to show the guard so you do not hold up the line.

3. If your child is attending SCS, your pass will grant you access to the base from 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM Monday-Friday. You will also have access during special school events (i.e. the Back to School Night, Family Picnics. This pass grants access to and from SCS ONLY – nowhere else. Violations may result in termination of your access.

4. If you are coming to SCS in a volunteer capacity or as a temporary paid instructor (and do not have an MCSD badge), you will be granted access to the base during the times you are contracted to be at SCS.

5. PLEASE ADHERE TO THE SPEED LIMIT RESTRICTIONS AND REFRAIN FROM USING CELL PHONES OR BLUETOOTH. You will be ticketed if caught. There are many children residing on base and we need to serve as excellent role models in our travels through their neighborhoods.

SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES We realize that there will be special circumstances that will require additional consideration for gate access. Please review the following instructions for some common scenarios:

Someone else is dropping off or picking up my child.... Please be sure these individuals understand the rules of the base and that their access is limited to coming to/from school. If a situation arises where someone is being sent to drop off/pick up your child, please call the main office as soon as possible.

Bringing visitors on base..... Adults who do not have military IDs are not permitted to bring visitors on base.

Playdates... Sigsbee Charter School is not responsible for any situations that may arise when a family arranges a playdate with students who live on base. Once school hours are over, the resident is responsible for your child.

ACCESS ISSUANCE ACKNOWLEDGMENTS These rules are in addition to the Florida State regulations for driving and are not a complete list of rules but emphasize those most important as they pertain to Sigsbee Charter School student drop off and pick up:

1. You must present your driver’s license each and every time there is a sentry at the gate.

2. You may NOT bring on any guest or visitor.

3. Access to the base is issued for the sole purpose of clearing the gate to drop off a student at the school at arrival time or pick up a student at dismissal time from the school.

4. Families do not have any additional privileges on base and may not use any facilities,

amenities or areas for any reason, this pass does not grant you permission to visit any resident of Sigsbee Park.

5. Cell Phone usage while driving on base is NOT permitted; you may not use Bluetooth either.

6. You must agree to a random search.

7. If you violate any driving laws or rules of the base you may have your access removed.