Communication, Campus Visits, Conferences


COMMUNICATION BETWEEN STAKEHOLDERS The SCS culture is based on mutual respect and trust. As such, our policies for communication support positive action, collaboration and proactive problem solving. Positive communication between school and home is essential for the growth and development of each child. Teachers make themselves available by appointment to address parent/guardian needs and communicate with families frequently. In addition, positive, professional communication between staff members is a requirement in preserving our shared culture.

The principal is available to help you navigate any difficult situations once you have spoken with the staff member directly involved. Our policy dictates that the first step is to try to work things out with the person(s) involved before approaching the administration. If further intervention is required, please email the principal to set up an appointment (

Please allow 24 hours between communication during the work week as our staff’s attention is on the children. Staff may not answer emails or phone messages over the weekend.

ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION Part of our mission is to develop stewards of the environment. As such, we do not reproduce paper copies of flyers, announcements and newsletters. All communications are done virtually, through email and optional social media.

SIGSBEE SCOOP The Sigsbee Scoop is a weekly newsletter written by the principal which includes all pertinent information regarding upcoming school events, field trips and student opportunities. It includes pictures and celebrations of students as well as community activity information. Families are expected to read the Scoop each weekend. The link to the blog is:

FOCUS (Grades K-8) FOCUS is the student information system used throughout Monroe County School District. Students in grades 3-8 and their parents will be using this system to track their grades and assignments, monitor attendance and behavior, receive notifications from the school and access report cards. In grades K-2, Focus is used primarily to monitor attendance and behavior, receive notifications from school and access semester report cards. Parents will receive information on how to register for the parent portal prior to the start of school.

REMIND TEXT MESSAGES Parents are encouraged to sign up for our emergency text messaging service by visiting the Sigsbee Parent Remind Link: Parents will receive text messages regarding school

closures, dangerous weather conditions and other safety concerns.

Parents may also join the system by entering 81010 into their phones and texting @c6b86e.

SCHOOL VISITATION POLICY: Sigsbee Loves their Parents! We want and need your help in making this a successful year for Sigsbee Charter. Whether you volunteer in a classroom or around the school, your time and effort is greatly appreciated. We also need your help in protecting our learning environment, and ask that you remember a few simple rules in consideration of our students and staff.

- All visitors must check in with the office when arriving on school grounds and prior to entering any academic spaces. We want to keep our children safe and focused! - Turn off your cell phones, PDAs and pagers while on school grounds. Ringers and conversations are distracting for our young learners.

- Unless your child’s teacher has specifically set a visitation time, please make an appointment to visit a classroom or to meet with the teacher. Interruptions disrupt both the teacher and the students.

- Please do not loiter around the buildings or outside of classrooms so that we can protect the safety of our students in a distraction free environment.

CAMPUS VISITORS Students and families are not allowed to bring visitors to school. On occasion, a teacher may ask a family member to serve as a mystery reader or guest speaker. Parents may be asked to volunteer during celebrations and school events. Some of our learning celebrations are open to the public. However, students and staff are not permitted to bring friends, relatives or acquaintances to school at other times.

Adults may visit their children during lunch and recess. Please be sure to sign in at the main office. Please see our visitation policy for more information.

CONFERENCES: Formal Parent/Teacher Conferences will take place two times/year in kindergarten through third grades, typically October and April. Attendance at these conferences is mandatory as they will provide a great deal of insight into your child’s learning profile. Teachers will also make themselves available for additional conferences when necessary and/or requested. It is the parent’s responsibility to sign up for a conference during the allotted days.

In fourth through eighth grade, parent conferences are available upon request by either the instructional team or the family. Families will receive quarterly report cards to monitor student progress and achievement. Parents should sign in when arriving for a conference so that volunteer credit may be awarded.