Cruising to Cuba!

Our graduates return!

Science Lab- Inquiry explorations

3rd grade- Restoring the mangroves

Collecting data on our Higgs Beach trip

Celebrating the Month of the Military Child

5th grade Everglades trip-  Slough Slogging

Sigsbee Sailfish Color Run 5K

Celebrating the Month Of the Military Child

Pigeon Key sunsets

Morning Car Line surprises

Love DOES Win!

Reading to our buddies.

Preparing our solar ovens for S'More fun.

Along came a spider.

Kayak elective

Precise measurements

Ready for the Pep Rally!

Magnificent magnifiers.

Summer camp by the sea.

Team building at the Everglades

7th grade Dry Tortugas trip

Mo the Sloth visits SCS

Everglades plant study

Kindergarten Algae Exploration

4th grade Kayaking Trip

Girls basketball takes 2nd place!

Class set for collaboration.

Global Play Day

Explorative Play in Kindergarten

Astronomy Night

Sigsbee Alum- Val & Sal of their class.

Vocabulary Parade

Boat design races

Summer camp bubblemania

Touch tank explorations

How does your garden grow?

Building Polyps with Reef Relief.

Smile - even if you're Salty.

Cardboard boat races

Veteran's Day parade

Kinder science lab

Snorkeling at Pigeon Key

Exploring our local marine life

Wading trips on base

Sharing our writing

Homemade Hurricane Shelters

Breakfast with Books

Snack break- Spa day.

Backyard science on our own dock.

Nature climbs at Fort Zach

Jumping for joy on the last day of school.

Inquiry based learning

Checking out the critters at Marine Lab.

Hogwarts has nothing on us.

A sea of friendship