Animals in School

Animals on Campus

Animals are not permitted on campus including at arrival and dismissal time. In addition, please do not leave animals unattended in cars.

More information about animals on campus, including service animals, can be found on the Monroe County District website, policy 8390.

Special Events

Special events involving animals are approved by the Principal at least two weeks prior to the event. If such an event is approved, notification will be sent home to parents so as to ensure that no students will have allergies to the animals. If a student has allergies to an animal, the teacher will find another environment for that student and provide opportunities to gain from the learning experience.

Classroom Pets

Teachers will be allowed to have classroom pets, if such pets pertain to the curriculum the teacher is offering. The teacher will be responsible for the care, clean up and wellbeing of classroom pets. Prior to bringing the pet into the classroom, the Principal must approve of the proposed animal. The Principal has the right to ask that the animal be removed at any time, including when a student is allergic to the pet.