Storm Prep


Register for Monroe County Emergency Management System Alerts:

Hurricanes in Paradise-

Sigsbee Charter School will follow the Monroe County evacuation directives as interpreted by the Monroe County School District. Directives will be shared with school families via email and on our blog. In the event that there are power outages, please listen to the radio (104.1 FM) for school closing information.

Preparing yourself ...

Hurricane season in the Atlantic begins June 1st and ends November 30th. During this time, it is recommended that you are proactive in your preparations for tropical storms, hurricanes and/or high winds. Those who drive to KW should take precautions, especially when driving over bridges. Below are some tips we hope you will find helpful.

  1. FILL YOUR GAS TANK. If we need to evacuate, you won't want to wait on lines at the pump.

  2. CHARGE YOUR ELECTRONICS. We will always try to keep you posted via email and/or text message. It is helpful to charge your computers and cell phones and have backup batteries available.

  3. KEEP FLASHLIGHTS AND BATTERIES NEARBY. You may want to have an electrically charged flashlight plugged in at all times in case of power outages.


  5. PURCHASE PROVISIONS AND BOTTLED WATER. If a hurricane is expected, you might want to have a "snack tub" that you can pack in your car. We also have had "boil water" alerts in place so you want some bottled water. Make sure you have propane for your grill or stove.

  6. HAVE A PLAN FOR YOUR PETS. Pets are typically nervous in storms. If you are going to evacuate, please take your pets with you. The animal shelter also looks for folks to temporarily adopt pets if they have to evacuate.

  7. HAVE CASH READY. ATMs may not be working.

  8. HAVE AN EMERGENCY PLAN FOR KEEPING IN TOUCH WITH YOUR FAMILY. Make sure you share your family's travel plans with someone who can keep track of your progress. Know your elevation so that you understand how the weather information relates to your home.

  9. PRACTICE PUTTING ON YOUR HURRICANE SHUTTERS AND PREPARING YOUR HOME. Often times, people realize they are missing hardware. You can imagine these items fly off the shelves when everyone is pulling out the shutters. Make sure to secure outdoor items that could fly in the wind and park you car on higher ground.

  10. READ, READ and READ. This is a great time to store up on books for your kids and spend time reading. Also, take school books with you in the event that we evacuate and teachers reach out to keep the learning moving forward.

Preparing your children:

  • Have plenty of books and games to keep your children busy during a storm. Electronics may not be an option.

  • Make sure you have flashlights and working batteries.

  • Pack a small bag with important stuffed animals or other comfort items for your children should you have to evacuate.

  • Be sure to take all school books and some supplies in case you are evacuated for a stretch.

  • Refill any medications ahead of time. Make sure you have cash in hand and gas in your car as well as a plan for where you will evacuate. Take your resident sticker and snacks/water with you!

  • Share your emergency plan with your children. Make sure they know their basic contact information (parents' names, address, phone numbers). Share your plan for the pets as well since children often feel responsible for their well-being.

  • Don't panic your children. Instead, help them understand about hurricanes and use this as a learning experience. They feed off of your emotions.