Sigsbee Charter School

To transfer your student to Sigsbee Charter School prior to June 1, 2018, use this application form: 

 To have your student participate in our lottery for a position at our school beginning August 15, 2018, use this application form:

  Our application window is officially open for the 2018-2019 school year!  Use the "2018-2019 Application" link above to have your student(s) participate is our lottery. Remember to complete one for each student wanting to attend our school.  All applications received before midnight on Wednesday, June 20th will be included in our lottery for next school year. The lottery will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, June 26th.  We will confirm receipt of your application within five school days. Please contact Mrs. Rosch via email ( or by calling (305) 294-1861 with any questions. 

Campus Tours 

Please contact Leslie Rosch ( to be added to our tour list.


Please provide the following information:

  • Name(s) of tour guest(s)
  • Your contact information in case we havce to reschedule the tour (phone number/email address)

  • Grade level(s) of prosepctive students(s)

If you do not currently have base access, please also provide:

  • Vehicle year, color, make and model

Items needed the day of the tour:

  • Vehicle registration and proof of insurance (The guard may ask to view these documents)

  • Ensure that all adults in the vehicle have a photo ID

  • Only children in 2nd grade or higher can join our tours

  • Please leave pets at home

 Sigsbee Charter School's Admission Policy:

Click here for the SCS Admission Policy 

Documentation Requirements for ALL Sigsbee Families:

New K-8 SCS students:

If you are accepted into SCS you will receive a link to our electronic registration forms.  Please complete this as soon as possible to confirm acceptance of your student's seat.  We will also need copies of your student's birth certificate, Immunization Record (on the Florida form), and a school entry physical dated within one calendar year of your student's first day of school with us.  Documents may be mailed, e-mailed to Leslie Rosch or dropped off in the office. Summer office hours are from 9 am to 3 pm.  Faxed documents are often illegible, so please refrain from faxing if possible.  Complete registrations: electronic registration forms, birth certificate, immunization record, and school entry physical, must be provided to SCS prior to your student's first day of school.

Returning SCS students:

All returning students will be required to complete electronic registration documents as well. The link will be provided when the forms are ready in June.  Please note that returning 7th grade students have additional immunization requirements.


Registration FAQs 

Are you still accepting new students?

Sigsbee Charter School accepts applications for students to transfer to our school year-round.  There is a brief period, between April and June, when 2 applications are posted on our website. One is for the student to transfer to our school during the current school year.  The other is to apply for the summer lottery for the student to begin attending in August.  Please ensure you choose the correct form.

Do you offer any enrollment priority?

Enrollment priority for K-8 are as such: Siblings of currently enrolled K-8 students, staff and board member dependents, dependents of active duty military members, all others.  

If I am on the wait-list for the current year, will my application roll into the next year?

Students on the current year's wait-list must submit a new application to be considered for enrollment for the following school year.  

I have an older student at Sigsbee and I was not notified that my younger student will have a spot at the school?

If we did not receive the new student's application by the deadline, your child would not have received placement, as we would not have had any way of knowing they were applying for Sigsbee. Please complete the appropriate application using the above links to have your child placed at the top of the wait-list. 

I was notified that the school has an opening for only one of my children, what does that mean for my other child(ren)?

Once you accept a spot for one of your children in K-8, the siblings in K-8 will then be moved to the top of the wait-list for their respective grade levels.

I accepted a spot for my child, what documentation is required for enrollment?

The link for our electronic registration forms will be e-mailed to you.  Please complete the electronic forms and provide your student's birth certificate, immunization record (on the Florida form), and the school entry physical (must be dated within one year of your student's first day with us).


We do not offer Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten. Please contact the Early Learning Coalition for any VPK questions you may have.  There is a VPK program located on the Sigsbee Annex.  More information is available at or by calling 305-296-5557.