Sigsbee Charter School

Sigsbee Charter School Parent-Teacher-Organization

Executive Board Officers 2018

President: Linda Stolze
Vice President:  Natalie Robinson
Secretary: Scott Wilcox
Treasurer: Pat Gladding
Staff Representative K-2: Heather Hazzard
Staff Representative 3-5 Janice Wish
Staff Representative Middle School: Joe Giusti

Mission Statement

The Sigsbee Charter School Parent Teacher Organization is a nonprofit organization whose membership includes parents, teachers and school staff. The PTO’s mission is to enhance and enrich the students learning experience at Sigsbee Charter School. The PTO values commitment, collaboration, accountability, inclusivity and integrity. The PTO sponsors assistance to teachers, holds fundraisers for educational materials and experiences, promotes school and family social interaction, provides a non-biased forum for sharing information on issues that impact our children. It is our goal to promote Sigsbee Charter Schools main values of


The second Tuesday of every other month at 5:30-6:30 PM with childcare available for children 3 years and older (children must be potty trained).

Social Hour and prizes from 5:00-5:30 PM.

First meeting: Tuesday, September 12th 5:00-6:30 PM.  All are welcome.


Staff Appreciation Committee Signup

Committee Chairperson and Roster

Island Affair Committee Signup

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Sailfish Shuffle Committee Signup

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Middle School Social Committee Signup

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Talent Show Committee Signup

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Spring Fling Committee Signup

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Veteran's Day Committee Signup

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FSA Snack Committee Signup

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Meeting Agendas & Minutes


Below you will find several ways to help fundraise for Sigsbee Charter School.

Amazon Smile

Visit and select Sigsbee Charter School. Each time you make a purchase through Amazon Smile the school will receive a percentage of your purchase total.

Box Tops

Clip those Box Tops all year long! The Box Top Committee sends Box Tops in twice a year to raise money for SCS. Ask your family and friends to save them for you as well.


Shoparoo is an app you can download for free on your smartphone. Once you have downloaded the app all you need to do is take pictures of your shopping receipts and the school earns money!



Fundraising is a great way to support Sigsbee Charter School. There are really two different ways you can actively raise funds for your school/group or student. We fall under the guidance of the SCS School Board, and these rules may be modified at any time, without notice. However, we’ll do our very best to keep this page update. If you notice a discrepancy or need further information, please email us at

Fundraising for the school as a whole school or a sub-group (such as a class) at the school.

  • All requests for school and group fundraising must be first approved through the PTO.
  • Fundraising efforts should be in good taste and be well thought out with clarity in terms of who will be involved (e.g. who is the chairperson for the committee to raise funds, who will be volunteering, and who will be the recipient of the funds), how the fundraising will be coordinated, and how the money is intended to be used.
  • The PTO, administration, and school board, may review, revisit, and/or amend, the fundraising requests and approved fundraising efforts at any time, if there is a concern about any activity surrounding fundraising to ensure that everything is transparent, legal, and fair.

Personal fundraising for your student.

  • Personal fundraising is handled by you and whatever money you earn goes to you.
  • Personal fundraising does not need to be approved by the PTO.
  • From time to time, there may be a trip or event that your child would like to participate in that may be above and beyond what you have available funds for. We encourage you to work with your school group to raise funds together, whenever possible. However, in some situations, individual fundraising may be a more appropriate option.

When fundraising as an individual student for a trip or event


  • explain what you are raising money for
  • explain that your fundraising is for your child only (be honest with your donors)
  • be clear, fair, and transparent with your donors


  • say that you are raising money for any trip, event, or activity that is not through the school but tell people that it’s for the school (e.g. Don’t go door to door saying you are Sigsbee student raising money asking folks to donate money to starving cats in Antartica – that’s just one example, but we hope you get the idea)
  • use Sigsbee Charter School’s name in any of your personal advertising (you can say you are a student at Sigsbee raising money for your field trip to the Everglades (as one example). Instead, you can say, “I’m going on a fieldtrip to the Everglades and I’m raising money for this incredible trip. Will you be able to support me by making a small donation to my portion of the trip?”