Sigsbee Charter School


  Who are we?

Sigsbee Charter School (SCS) is a non-profit organization that engages students by captivating their interests through marine studies and environmental education. Capitalizing on its beautiful, aquatic surroundings and 11 acres of green space, Sigsbee offers hands-on integrated learning experiences that teach students to be thoughtful stewards of the environment.

The Sigsbee staff, local military members, and the Key West community have partnered together to support Sigsbee students. A high level of volunteerism is just one of the unique characteristics of our school. A curriculum focused on national standards, best practices and differentiated learning is another.
SCS proudly embraces 470 students in VPK- 7th grade. What is the Sponsor-A-Classroom Program?


Sponsor-A-Classroom invites the community into our classrooms in support of our students. By adopting a classroom, donors from partnerships with specific classrooms provide financial and moral support for learning.

A classroom can be sponsored for $500 with 100% of the funds being used directly for the children. Teachers will have access to the funds through requests for materials and programs that are approved by the principal and relate to the school’s mission, vision and curriculum. For example, SAC funds have been used for science materials in the classroom, environmental field trips, class pets, school supplies and new books for the library.

The teacher of the sponsored classroom will communicate with the sponsor to explain how funds were used and honor the sponsor throughout the year. We appreciate those who make a meaningful contribution to the lives of our students.
How do I sponsor a classroom?

To sponsor a classroom, please contact Mrs. Jannes at and submit a check made payable to Sigsbee Charter School. Partial sponsorships are also appreciated and will be combined to reach the $500 threshold.

Parents who solicit full classroom sponsorships will be awarded service hours.