Sigsbee Charter School


Board Approved 2017-18 School Calendar


Aug   1   Tuesday            New Teachers Report

Aug   8   Tuesday            Teachers Report

Aug 16   Wednesday     Students Report

Sept   4   Monday             Holiday - Labor Day

Oct  13   Friday                 End of 1st Grading Period

Nov 10   Friday                 Holiday - Veterans Day

Nov 20   Monday             Begin Thanksgiving Break

Nov 27   Monday             No Students - Professional Day

Nov 28   Tuesday             Classes Reconvene   

Dec  22   Friday                  End 2nd Grading Period- Early Release

Dec  25   Monday              Begin Winter Break

Jan      8   Monday              No Students - Professional Day

Jan      9   Tuesday              Classes Reconvene

Jan    15   Monday              Holiday - Martin Luther King Day

Feb   19   Monday              Holiday - Presidents Day

Mar    9   Friday                   End of 3rd Grading Period

Mar  12  Monday                Begin Spring Break

Mar  19  Monday                No Students - Professional Day

Mar  20  Tuesday                Classes Reconvene

May  28  Monday                Holiday - Memorial Day

June    1  Friday                    Last Day for Students (11:30 dismissal)

                                                   End of the 4th Grading Period

June    4  Monday                Last Day for Teachers

                                                   Professional Day




SCS Board of Directors Meetings: Open to the public

When: The 3rd Thursday of every month

Time and Place: 4:00 PM in the Sigsbee Library

Please see the Board website for information


SCS Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

When: The 2nd Tuesday of every month (meets bi-monthly)

Time and Place: 5:30 PM in the Sigsbee Library (5:00 social hour)


SCS All-School Meetings for all Sigsbee Families

When: Quarterly: Dates TBA